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Upon uncharted seas

W Adama, Admiral CF, CO BSG 75

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Characters name and rank: William Adama, Admiral CF, CO BSG 75
Callsign (if applicable): Husker
Age: 62

Height: 5 ‘ 11”
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Brown with grey flecks
Distinguishing marks: Heavily pockmarked and scarred face.

Home Colony: Caprica
Any immediate family: first wife Caroline Adama (divorced) deceased.
Second wife: Anne Adama deceased.
Eldest son: Lee Adama - Commander CF, CO Pegasus BSG 62
Younger Son: Zachary Adama - deceased.

Ship Assignment: Battlestar Galactica

Brief Personal History:

Son of the renowned Civil Liberties attorney Joseph Adama, William grew up on Caprica were he attended school and began college. A veteran of the first Cylon War Adama continued to serve in the Colonial Fleet after the Cimtar peace accord was ratified. His long absences on active service put his marriage to Caroline under great stress and when his youngest son was ten years old his wife pressed him to make good on an earlier promise to resign from service.

William had originally planned on sitting the Bar exam and following in his father’s shoes as a attorney but the necessities of providing for a family in the post-war slump forced him to make a living working on commercial freighters. This continued absenteeism was too much for his relationship with Caroline to weather and by the time Zachary had reached teenage years the marriage was ended.

It was during this inter-war period he met Saul Tigh a fellow Veteran and former viper pilot. The two became fast friends. Unhappy with civilian life Adama took the opportunity to have his commission in the Colonial fleet re-activated shortly after his marriage to his second wife Anne.

Eager to win the affection of their estranged father both Adama’s sons followed his example by choosing careers in the military. William ensured both obtained placements at the Command Lyceum on Caprica for officer’s candidate qualifications before making their own decisions on which branch they would serve. Both sons opted for training as viper pilots. While Lee Adama , the eldest son, was still at war college having earned his commission and flight status, his younger brother died in a training accident. Adama’s intended words of encouragement “A man isn’t a man until he wears the wings of a viper pilot.” were turned into a damning indictment by Lee who blamed his father, as William did himself, for the death of Zachary.

In the months immediately preceding the Cataclysm Adama’s unwillingness to conscience the re-fitting of Galactica and his outspoken reaction to the relaxation of the Artificial Intelligence laws lead to a decision to decommission the ‘worlds famous’ Battlestar and press her commander into retirement.

Military History:

A seasoned campaigner and hero of the Great War Adama saw action on three Battlestars before Husker was witness to the armistice while serving under Commander Nash onboard Galactica. When his commission was reactivated he accepted the brevet rank of Major and quickly rose through the ranks becoming one of the Fleet’s senior Commanders, largely due to the apparent lack of combat veterans in the upper echelons of the Fleet hierarchy.

Any other important notes about the character:

A thoughtful, insightful military leader Adama’s considerable experience allows him to wear the mantle of command with deceptive ease. He has the rare combination of qualities that make up a good leader: insight, the ability to naturally command respect, a common touch that enables him to relate to the enlisted personnel under his command as well as his officers, intuition, intelligence, a strong belief in his own abilities, and the ability to take the advice of others. These qualities are reflected in the fact the personnel of all ranks aboard the Galactica hold him in high regard, and know that he is approachable.

It is ironic that these same traits are so lacking in his personal relationships. Adama finds it difficult to articulate his feelings towards those close to him under day to day circumstances. There is nothing more precious to him than the love and respect he has for his son Lee but it takes moments of crisis for both men to realise just how deep these paternal feelings run.

Adama has had a difficult time transitioning from simply being a Battlestar CO, to being the CO of the last Battlestar and by extension the guardianship of the remnants of humanity.

He has a loyal comrade in his Executive Officer, Colonel Saul Tigh who justifies Adama’s faith in him in times of strife. Of all the particular relationships in Adama’s life arguably his only true confident is Laura Roslin. In the former President’s words the pair have “come a long way together” and the shared experience and weight of responsibility have drawn the two of them closer together more than served as a source of division.